Use a Roof Top Tent for Easy Camping

Camping is an excellent way to be close to nature, see the sights while traveling, and take an inexpensive vacation. The way a family camps dictates the amount of work and time that goes into setting up and dissembling the sleeping space. There is virtually zero time required when traveling in a motor home, for example, but tent camping is more labor intensive.

Traditional Tents

Tents that are set up on the ground can take hours to erect. A flat spot is essential for stability and comfort. The terrain then needs a waterproof layer before the tent can be set up. Organizing and placing poles in the correct configuration is another task that can be lengthy.

Putting up the tent typically requires at least two to three people to ensure it is even and sturdy as it goes up. This process is long and tiring even for experienced of campers on a sunny day. Additional factors like inclement weather and fading daylight make the endeavor more challenging.


Fifth wheel campers and others hauled via a trailer hitch are rarely difficult to get set up and ready for sleeping. Many can be situated before traveling begins. The issue is more space is needed to park a vehicle with a camper attached. The areas that are accessible to the family become limited.

Utilizing the Roof Top

The advantages of using a roof top tent can change the way people go camping. These tents are gaining in popularity as people want to explore areas around where they travel and enjoy greater flexibility. Sleeping on the roof also provides a safe and clean environment with unobstructed views.

Which Type?

Tents on the roof of any vehicle are available in a soft-shell or hard-shell type. A soft-shell tent offers a larger sleeping space, while a hard shell one is weatherproof and faster to set up. Both allow more ventilation than tents on the ground and are less susceptible to wildlife intruders.

Decide which type of roof tent is better for the family before your trip and spend more time exploring and less time setting up the sleeping area. There are different models to accommodate vehicle sizes, sleeping preferences, and budgets.

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