Advantages of Hard Shell Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents have been in existence for the past decade or so in either hard or soft shell varieties. There are positive and negative aspects of each type, but hard shell rooftop tents are gaining in popularity. The advantages are several while the disadvantages are few.

Easy Set-Up

Soft shell tents take longer to set up because an exterior pole is a component. The hard shell models open quickly and require no other supports. Three-inch mattresses are included and retain their shape during transport so they are ready for sleeping as soon as the shell is at maximum height.

The time savings are substantial and allow spending more of the day enjoying favorite activities. The lack of exterior support does mean the overall space available is smaller than that of the other type but provides plenty of room for a couple or family of three. A family of four or more people will want to consider the soft shell tent.

Gas Mileage Effects

The aerodynamic design of a hard shell tent has little effect on gas mileage and doesn’t increase road noise. This difference is significant since most people select tent camping to save money on vacations. Saving on hotel accommodations is useless if more money than budgeted goes toward fuel.

The soft shell counterparts do not share the sleek design and appearance, so the cost of getting to the destination is loud and expensive. Be sure to ask for estimates of travel costs when comparing rooftop tents.

Stay Dry and Warm

Another plus is the plastic or fiberglass material used as the top layer of hard tents. Rain, snow, and wind will not invade the space because it is virtually weatherproof. Winter camping, sleeping among the stars in a desert setting, or having the weather change to rain in the middle of the trip are not situations that bother owners of such tents.

Materials are also the reason sleeping is not interrupted by the noise of flapping fabric. Space remains sturdy and unaltered by the wind. Drafts minimize, and the family stays warm all night. Consider these and other advantages when selecting a rooftop tent.

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